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0001310Anope Development (1.9.x series)Chanservpublic2011-08-07 14:542011-08-08 00:09
0001310: Anope-1.9-710c02f All users on the xop lists get flag F
Today I imported my anope.db from git 710c02f (before flag system) to the latest git. I noticed that every user on a xop list (regardless if it is vop, hop, aop...) got flag F which enables them to issue founder level commands to chanserv.

With this flag a normal half op managed to change the "Autoowner" access level so he would get owner status in the channel.

I think these privileges are a bit to high for some of them :) Maybe something went wrong while importing the database to the new flag system.
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Is fixed in c6741d3765d0a8dbf34e80a34573333e45b5ec6b