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0001273Anope Stable (1.8.x series)HostServpublic2011-05-30 11:462011-05-31 00:51
0001273: HS OFF doesn't work on InspIRCd if cloaking is disabled
In testing 1.8.6 before upgrading, I noticed that HS OFF does not seem to work anymore on InspIRCd 2.0 if Insp's m_cloaking is not loaded. Attempting to do a HS OFF does not deactivate the vhost and there is no output.

I think this might be related to commit 0e0eb38b2a442293ebd8975b75bfea80cc49af1a.

One other minor thing: if m_cloaking is loaded and HS OFF works, there is no notice to the user from HostServ saying the vhost was deactivated like when using HS ON and a notice confirms that it was activated.

Thanks in advance,

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2011-05-31 00:51   
Thanks, fixed in a11155551efd475ac511313963b878992d2de73b