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0001207Anope Stable (1.8.x series)OperServpublic2010-11-30 13:222010-12-05 04:44
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0001207: Permanent channel exception (+e) through Operserv
When one removes an exception (+e) with operserv (mode) command from a channel, the targeted nick will still be seen as having an exception. This can be seen when one tries to ban the user from the channel using services (chanserv/botserv).
/mode #channel +e NickA
/msg operserv mode #channel -e NickA
(from #channel) !kb NickA

Result: User matches channel except.
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Thanks. Has been fixed in 1.9.4+, will not be fixed in 1.8.x.
2010-11-30 21:15   
You should note this only happens if you try to -e NickA and not NickA!*@*. This has been fixed in 1.9.4 already but will not be in 1.9.3. I am unsure whether we want to fix this in 1.8, most of the mode handling code in it is old and it may not be worth it.