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0001197Anope Development (1.9.x series)HostServpublic2010-10-08 14:032010-10-31 19:04
x86-64DebianLenny (5.0)
0001197: Activated vhosts don't save across restarts
Whenever I accept a vhost it doesn't seem to stay when restarting anope, it appears in the waiting list once more afterwards.

Possibly related to: 0001196
1. Request vhost
2. Accept vhost (Possibly after multiple entries have been created in anope_extra by 0001196)
3. Restart Anope
4. vhost has to be activated again
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2010-10-31 19:04   
Fixed in commit 011582ff3c0d69e6b426b744b1abf30bb175e019
2010-10-09 18:28   
I already found it odd I couldn't find a table for this, can't be too hard to store them though, just a table with person's name, whether it's accepted or nor, the vhost itself and possibly some additional data.

Anyway, good luck :)
2010-10-09 18:24   
This actually has nothing to do with requesting/accepting vhosts, we don't store vhosts at all. We need a table to store it in, but first we need to redo some of the table strucutures.