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0001193Anope Stable (1.8.x series)NickServpublic2010-09-27 08:372010-09-29 00:40
0001193: saset display -> nicktracking bug
Flicking through the code of ns_saset.c one day, I stumbled across this:

    alog("%s: %s!%s@%s set the display of %s to: %s",
         s_NickServ, u->nick, u->username, u->host, nc->display, param);
    change_core_display(nc, param);
    notice_lang(s_NickServ, u, NICK_SASET_DISPLAY_CHANGED, nc->display);

    /* Enable nick tracking if enabled */
    if (NSNickTracking)

So we see the notice_lang is pointed at u which is the SA doing the saset. But we shouldn't be starting nicktracking for them. Not that it's much of a problem, but it's not meant to be tracking the SA but param instead.
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Thanks, should be fixed in commit 0383868a29b49defda92e56921189079448db6f5