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0001164Anope Development (1.9.x series)Otherpublic2010-05-21 22:182010-12-10 23:38
0001164: Ability to get staff privilidges from SQL
I am currently working on creating a php class to handle anope's new MySQL system (i'll be posting it to the bug tracker once its good enough for use), but i seam to be hitting a dead end

For website integration with MySQL it is needed to have some way of checking the users permissions, i know anope does this internaly but to create the look and feel that would ease a users access its needed to have some way to read the information thats in the config file.

What i suggest is to read from the configuration file for all oper types, insert them into a table with each privilidge.
Another table should be created for each staff member that is in /os staff
it should basicly state nickname and the oper type.

this information should be updated apon start of anope and on /os reload/restart etc.
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I have added this as a method in XMLRPC in 1.9.4 in commit 7d784340fe665f557e2f0800899b3b0127a6c818
2010-09-29 00:42   
Agreed. I have a plan for this as well as getting more useful information in realtime (for channels, users, etc). Should be fixed semi-soon, marking as acknowledged.