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0001079: ip disclosure with /cs ban
[Working in >1.8]
Hi guys,
just found a bug, in the anope core wich leads to get the ip of a poor user.
The main concept is to set
/mode #channel +eeeeeeee @a* @b* @c* @d* ... @z*
/cs ban #channel User
and if the user has a resolved host, than is in except and you'll get a notice like:
[ChanServ] User matches an except on #tests and cannot be banned until the except have been removed.
so you try removing @a* and see if you keep getting the notice, than @b* than @c*
until you ban the user... well that's the first char of the host of the user (or of the vhost... but if you do it with attention you will not do mistakes.


P.S. this bug should also work with other commands like /cs akick, but i didn' tried.
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Also fixed in 1.8 in commit 12b0ff0593cc5f2c0f61ca575f9e0af8b0084994.
2010-12-13 23:42   
This has been fixed in 1.9 in commit 49d3c97b677f319460146803004066dfd3d19089
2010-09-12 09:54   
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